Combining Holiday traditions with yoga

As winter brings it’s evenings by cozy candle light (see cover photo partner pose double candle) with warm tea in front of a nicely lit & decorated tree, it also makes us reflect of the year behind us. 2014 has been the happiest year for my family and I so far as we welcomed our happy 3rd child. She really has taught us a lot about happiness in her 5 month on this earth.

Regarding kids yoga it has also been the happiest year so far as I can’t even count the smiling faces, endless giggles, athletic yogis and yoginis always ready to breath, practice, play, listen and relax together. Accompanying and witnessing these mini yogis and yoginis blossom through their yoga practice is the greatest joy of my teaching.

Even though I became American this year, I will always be German at heart and make sure to pass on German traditions to my little ones. The Holiday time brings along lots of these traditions. I’d like to remind everyone that during this busy Holiday season it is ok not to always find the time for Asanas or meditation. But Karma Yoga is also part of the yoga lifestyle and can be included easily into this time of year. In Karma Yoga the work itself is the practice, if performed with the right mental attitude. Karma Yoga is selfless service. It is about serving humanity without expecting rewards.

The German tradition is to have an advent calendar with one “door” to open each day before Christmas as to make the waiting time for kids fun. 24 little doors in a picture, a chocolate advent calendar or a little sack with a little surprise for each day are the common versions. With this years “Good Karma Advent Calendar” each day they find a little note that I wrote (for example: “Sit next to someone new in school during lunch”, “Skype with a grandparent of your choice”, “Tell your whole family a joke”, “Tell each family member why you love them” etc.). It has been such a joy to watch the kids participate in such an exciting way and I feel as if it brings good Karma to the whole entire family!

It is just another reminder of how yoga is so much more than the physical practice on the mat and how you can teach the young ones from such an early age on to be positively aware about their surrounding.
May everyone’s Holidays be filled with love, warmth, joy & good Karma!

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