Happy yogi/yogini – happy life!

Kids yoga has obvious benefits:
- it’s a fun exercise
- it calms down your body with meditation
- it can improve oxygen flow throughout your body with the help of breathing exercise
- it teaches about being peaceful with others & caring about the world

But it is even more, I believe it induces positive thinking!
Martin E. Seligman, Ph.D., an American pioneer psychologist in the psychology of happiness, describes in his book “Authentic Happiness” how society raises kids trying to fix their flaws. But focusing on finding and nourishing their skills instead, boosts up their confidence and makes them mentally stronger and happier in life. In his book “The optimistic child” he explains how happy children result in youngsters less likely to be depressed during puberty, less likely to use drugs, etc..
He also describes that happiness can be learned, which is called “learned optimism”.
Same with yoga! If kids practice yoga regularly, they will turn out more happy during puberty and will have fewer problems to deal with in their adulthood. This is what happens during a LotusKidsYoga class: we teach a positive outlook and focus on each child’s individual strength. Since the classes are usually not bigger than 15 kids in one class, we can pay attention to the individual child.
Kids leave the yoga class happy because they experienced a positive relationship with their own bodies as well as socially with others in the group.
Happiness runs in a circular motion, and just like that, leaving yoga class happily will result in a good mood throughout the rest of the day. They go on to teach the yoga to family and friends and feel better about themselves mentally and physically. It is a wonderful experience. If the child keeps going to class every week and has a consistent practice, the seed gets planted and grows confidence, self esteem and a good relationship with one’s self as well as others.

This is why LotusKidsYoga is spreading out the yoga love not only in private classes but also in public schools. We strongly believe it is so important to make this fruitful life practice accessible to all children, no matter which social structure, rich or poor.

I am ending this post with a happy yoga pose of the day:

One of the things we teach during our LotusKidsYoga classes is laughing yoga. It is sort of a meditation as you simply can’t think of anything else when you laugh real hard. You are just right here, in the moment. I learned this in Varanasi, India, and it has stuck with me ever since. Try it out!

Lay on your back and put your feet up in the air and pretend to pedal a bicycle with your feet. While you are doing this, laugh as hard as you can. A true deep belly laugh, more than just a few giggles. Laugh until you cry. It feels so good! If you are with others, tell each other jokes.


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