Kids Yoga

Children have the great ability to instantly learn intricate details of a yoga pose or ‘asana’ by simply copying their instructor. Since kids learn in such a visual and interactive way, games and group activities are fun and exciting ways to bring all aspects of yoga to them.

In our yoga classes we lead the kids playfully with games and stories and take them through several asanas. Kids are trained to use their observation skills and get in tune with their bodies. Kids doing yoga classes will soon realize they have better flexibility and more strength while playing the yoga games and enjoying imaginary adventures. A brief ‘trip to the jungle’ has kids enjoying monkey, frog and crocodile poses! As the body and mind work together the calm and heightened ability to focus wash over the children much like adult yoga helps us big kids.

To further encourage kids to interact with one another during a fun filled yoga session, they will participate in a group exercise where their cooperation has many benefits. Children holding hands and doing a ‘tree pose’ can transform the classroom into a forrest blowing in the wind to make a fantastic story come to life!

With every class being unique we find kids excited to see what’s next!

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