Birke and Lotus Kids Yoga taught yoga to the children in our summer program and it was outstanding. All of our students who range from kindergarten to 4th grade, are from low-income families and most have had no experience with yoga. Living in an inherently stressful environment, Birke recognized how yoga could provide the children with some basic techniques to help them relieve stress. The practice was fun, engaging and something that the children looked forward to each and every day. Birke is a natural with the children and it wonderful to see the positive impact it had on the kids. Horizons at Foote looks forward to working with Lotus Kids Yoga again this summer and for many summers to come!

– Jaime Perri, Executive Director, Horizons at Foote


Our daughter has been part of Birke Gregg’s Yoga Class for several months now. One of us had the pleasure of watching the end of a class recently, and we hear about the class from our daughter. It is clear that Birke has a very special gift for working with children, and not only does our daughter love the class, its positive effects on her are clear: Her ability to maintain focus and keep still has changed dramatically. While some of this is definitely developmental, I think a large part of this is Birke’s teaching, because I see the effects most in the way she behaves after class. Another wonderful way I see the effects: In the past, our daughter would sometimes channel her need for moving around into running amok and being a real pest. Now she often breaks into a series of Yoga poses instead. We love the class and the teacher!

– Rebekah and Alexander Westphal, parents of 4 year old


Yoga with Birke has been a wonderful addition to our daughter’s life. She is an active little girl, who always needs to be moving, and Birke has taught her a valuable skill — the ability to relax while re-energizing. Birke’s temperament is fantastic. She connects with all the children, and our daughter can’t wait to attend class every week. Thank you for sharing your talents and beautiful energy.

– John and Betsy Angeletti, parents of 7 year old


My seven year old daughter participates in a weekly yoga class at her school taught by Birke. It is one of her favorite parts of the week, and she can’t wait to attend class every week. She was especially excited that the class decided to call one of the side poses “the banana stretch” since she noted that it looked like a banana. While the class is about meditation, quiet, and personal growth, it’s also a communal and fun experience.

– Kavitha Bindra, mother of 7 year old


My daughter adores her weekly yoga class with Birke. She counts the days until the next class and is always practicing the poses she has learned. Yoga has now become a relaxing activity that she and I can do together at home. Birke is such a warm person and wonderful teacher. Every class is new, fun, interesting and challenging all at the same time. I would highly recommend this class for kids of any age and temperament.

– Alexandra Shor, mother of 7 year old


We loved our classes at Lotus Kids Yoga! Birke is so warm and fun-loving, and I appreciated the creativity she brings to teaching yoga to little ones. My son was excited for “yoga day” every week!

– Robin Reymond, mother of 4 year old


My son Myles recently took his first yoga class with Birke. He loves it so much and is always excited to come home and show me and my husband all of his new yoga poses. I highly recommend the class! It’s been a terrific experience for him.

– Lesley Marion, mother of 4 year old


Since starting yoga weekly with Birke, we have seen such a change in our little girl. She has become more aware of her body and balance, more willing to try new things, and has confidence in her abilities in other places such as the playground. She loves going to class and can’t wait to teach the family her poses each week, which is fun for us as well as her. She is really blossoming as a person, and yoga with Birke has been a big part of that growth.

– Janie Merkel, mother of 4 year old


My daughter loved her yoga class with Lotus Kids Yoga!  She couldn’t wait to get there on the morning of each class and was excited to show me some of her practice afterwards. I feel like the classes had a great mix of fun and focus; I can’t imagine a better introduction to yoga for my kids!

– Jessica Holmes, mother of 3 year old


Our daughter and her friends had a blast at her 9 year old yoga birthday party.  Birke brought everything she needed to set them up to have fun, relax and learn.  We would highly recommend her for any age!

– Meghan Knight, mother of 9 year old


My 3-year-old daughter loved this yoga class!  She was shy going into it, but Birke filled the room with a fun, warm, and positive energy.  My daughter had a great time, felt proud of herself, and looked forward to the classes.  Now she does yoga at home just for fun and teaches the poses to her doll.

– Melissa Beverage, mother of 3 year old


My 6 year old son is very active and he loves practicing soccer, basketball or swimming. With Birke’s yoga classes, he found another way to move and to express himself. After 1 year of yoga, he’s more comfortable with his body and he can do great poses that he likes to teach to our friends!
During Relaxation he also learned how to calm down and take a breath.
A yoga class is always a lot of fun for Maxime and Birke knows how to create a great atmosphere for the kids.

– Stéphanie Dubrac, mother of 6 year old


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