Living kids yoga!

4 suggestions how to implement yoga into your daily life:

- Karma Yoga: Clean up the woods when you go for walks. We do it all the time and my 2 big kids love it. They understand how important it is to keep our woods trash-free and so they love helping out the nature this way.
- Asana practice: Use lion pose for helping siblings fight less intense: Fights between my 2 older kids have been reaching a new level of heat so I taught them to make 3 lions at each other instead of hurting each other. This way the bad vibes get out in a more gentle way and afterward they are more likely to talk to each other with words instead of hurting each other. There have been a lot of roars in our house lately but also far fewer tears!
- 1 Minute Meditation: Even though our lives can be busy, there is probably at least one time per day when your kids are bored and want to be entertained by you. It might be in between activities with little time left so a 1 minute meditation is perfect! If you prefer music, turn on gentle music, otherwise listen to your breath, noises in the room & outside or walk them mentally through the body. 1 minute of consistent meditation is a great base for a child to build up a permanent meditation practice.
- Healthy food choices:
Have the kids make healthy food choices by themselves. My youngest child started eating solid food this weekend so we made a list of healthy food that the kids suggested what we could feed her. Another great way is to let the kids pack their own school lunch, my kids love it.

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