Miniguru #3 is here!

After a healthy & happy pregnancy I am happy to announce the birth of my healthy & happy daughter Anina Marlene. While being so young, she has already taught us so much and we are more than thankful for the smiliest baby in this universe. Practicing Bikram yoga throughout the entire pregnancy made birth and recovery a lot easier.
When Anina was 3 weeks old I took the kids to Germany for a month to be with my family. It was a wonderful time and my kids and I were lucky enough to include my sister Ronja in our yoga practice. It rained constantly so my sister helped with her vaulting background, we practiced a bunch of acro yoga (even though the kids suggested we do the asanas on top of a horse like my sister’s vaulting, we stayed grounded on the floor ;). )
Anina is now 2 months old and while I am figuring out life with 3 little ones, I am more busy than ever and therefor am currently teaching only one kids yoga class a week. I will post scheduling updates once I can teach more classes.

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