Spring 2014

After a long winter filled with stupendous snow storm yoga classes, we’re finally enjoying (a mainly rainy) spring. We’re super excited about every ray of sun we get and are totally ready for everything fun that spring has to offer!

We started off with a garden themed class to get into the spring mood and an April Fools class in which the kids had the best time ever! This class included the book “April Fools, Phyllis!” by Susanna Leonard Hill. After our Pranajama exercises and regular warm ups, we read the book with it’s funny April Fool tricks, solved the treasure hunt clues and acted out yoga poses that were appropriate for the book. We then played “telephone” in which each kid got to make up their own joke to pass around in the whisper circle. This game filled our yoga class full of laughter and happiness! Our pose of the day was the Bharadjava twist, as we were twisting the truth on April 1st. We finished our class with our wonderful Savasana (relaxation) and “Om Shanti” chant routine. The kids were so happy to have had such a funny and silly class, that it automatically made them improve their asanas (poses) as well! As their teacher I felt very proud to watch them improve their yoga poses in such a lighthearted and funny way that grown ups work so hard for in their yoga practice. We continued our yoga series with a “Holi” themed class which is a Hindu spring celebration (people celebrate by throwing colored powder at each other) and Easter celebration. We had fun with Easter Egg Basket pose (Dhanurasana) where each child was picked up as my “egg filled” basket. Spring elements were joyfully integrated in our classes such as flower pose, chicklet pose, bunny breath, Easter egg pose, and rainbow pose. We will end this spring yoga series with a book by Dr. Seuss called “Green eggs and ham”. Just in time for Easter eggs.
Spring is such a wonderful new beginning of life and you can always see it reflected in even the smallest yogis and yoginis. It makes me happy to be able to share their experience through another spring season full of lively yoga!

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