Why I love my job!

The impact of yoga at an early age is tremendous because it means kids will be open to yoga or go back to it from time to time throughout their lives.

I get to teach children how important yoga is on a pure level. When adults start yoga, they usually need to heal an injury or calm their mind or work on some sort of problem they have. Kids yoga is different because they don’t start it because of a problem. They start it as an activity in their free time after school, as a hobby. They do it because they enjoy it, they’re having fun while practicing. Fun is the key: if they like yoga, they will continue to practice throughout their lives. There might be times when they don’t practice, but they’ll be always open to yoga, come back to practice from time to time or even pick up a regular practice. That is why I value my job so much: I get to plant the seed of yoga in these children. I look at it with a long term vision: it’s not just about liking today’s class, it’s about doing a great job as a yoga teacher to profoundly make them experience and understand how good yoga is for your body and mind, now as a kid and also later while growing up. That’s why kids yoga teachers are so important: they nurture and feed the kid’s interest in yoga for now and the future. Believing in all of yoga’s benefits, I am grateful to be in a position to teach yoga to kids, as it is like giving them a tool kid for life and having them know, that they can always use it. A tool kit to empower them to take care of their own body, mind & actions. If I do it right, they’ll always remember when they practiced yoga as a kid with a smile which will encourage them to pick up a practice at any time throughout their lives.I used to teach yoga to these 2 amazing boys when they were really little. After 2 years (now they are 6 & 7 years old) of not teaching them, they asked their parents when they could practice yoga again! Now we’re back together and practice yoga every week. Because they wanted it! Situations like that make me happy and remind me why I love this job and why it is so important to be a good teacher. If I do it right, they will practice for life!


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