You are what you eat!

Yoga is so much more than just the exercise part, it is a life style. One part of yoga is healthy eating. With Halloween coming up remind yourself how important healthy eating is for you & your kids. Our family cut out any kind of added sugar and sugar equivalents (e.g. honey, agave nectar, rice sweetener etc.) for 30 days. It was an interesting experience. My oldest daughter who never liked cows milk does now like cows milk in the morning with German Müsli (unlike granola it’s sugar free) & my son now likes raw veggies like peppers, celery & big carrots for snack time. As for my youngest daughter: she got less sugar passed on through the breast milk ;).

Yoga divides food into 3 groups:
- sattvic = pure
- rajasic = stimulating
- tamasic = impure and rotten.
The yoga diet is based on pure, sattvic foods (such as fresh & dried fruits and berries, raw or lightly cooked vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs etc.)
The yoga diet avoids refined sugars as they are over-stimulating (rajasic) and make a person over-active & brings a restless state of mind. The balance of mind and body is essential for happiness.
I’m not saying you need to cut out refined sugars all together, but you could try it once a week or be more cautious when you buy food and look at the ingredients in general.
My kids had no problems getting sugar through fresh & dried fruits and berries during these 30 days which is why I encourage everyone to pass on the healthy eating habits to their kids. After all you are what you eat ;).

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